Software Engineer Intern
@ Harmonia Capital

Howdy! Thanks for checking out my website.
I'm a graduate student in Computer Engineering @Texas A&M University. I am passionate about web development, food & photography.
Feel free to browse my project experiences below.
(Photo: @College Station | TX , by Fangqing)

Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, C++, R, Python, MATLAB, Go
Backend & Databases: Java Servlet, Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, Elasticsearch
Frontend/Mobile: HTML & CSS, React JS, Ant Design, Android


Travel Planner

It helps users make travel plans

Users can browse places of interest by click on the map, the website will automaticlly search for places(Restaurants/Hotels/Attractions) around the target point.
By adding places to "Scheduler", and customizing the visiting order/time, users can make travel plans with one-click.
In the travel plan, users can view the place details, visiting time, traveling notes and the directions on the map.
(Photo: @Pebble beach | CA , by Fangqing)


Treasure Hunt

Second Hand Market Website

Users can buy/sell second-hand goods at this website.
Users can post a listing and manage the posted goods in their account.
Posted goods can be searched by keywords or categories, and filted by distance, date, price and conditions
(Photo: @Pigeon Point | CA , by Fangqing)


More About Me

"3 Dr Peppers a day keep the doctor away"


"Bedroom" violinist with immeasurable love for classical music, Ragtime & Jay Chou


Irresistible to Chinese cuisine, Texas BBQ, Sushi and Ramen
Cannot live without sugary food


I like swimming, rowing, table tennis, archery
Also a big fan of table games (Mahjong, Sanguosha, Texas Hold'em)

"RESTful" Networking

POST /friends/add
{ "name": ???
"email": ??? }